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Huascarán National Park World Heritage Site

Parc national de Huascarán, Peru

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      Protected Area updated by IUCN, facilitated by UNEP-WCMC

      about 3 years ago

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              100% COMPLETE

              Official Record

              • WDPA ID10747
              • NameHuascarán National Park
              • Original NameParc national de Huascarán
              • Country / TerritoryPER
              • Sub locationPE-ANC
              • IUCN CategoryNot ApplicableWhat is this?
              • English DesignationWorld Heritage Site
              • Designation TypeInternational
              • StatusInscribed
              • Status Year1985
              • Reported Area km23400.0
              • Marinefalse
              • Governance TypeNot Reported
              • International Criteria(vii)(viii)
              • Management AuthorityNot Reported
              • Management Plan URLNot Reported




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