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Yellowstone UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserve

Yellowstone, United States

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The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative or Y2Y is a joint Canada-US charitable organization that seeks to preserve and maintain the wildlife, native plants, wilderness and natural process of the mountain ecosystem from Yellowstone National Park to the Yukon. Y2Y works with local communities, through education and stewardship programs, to encourage conservation of the area. Y2Y takes a scientific approach to conservation and has been named by the IUCN-World Conservation Union as one of the planet's leading mountain conservation initiatives.

People working together to maintain and restore the unique natural heritage of the Yellowstone to Yukon region.

Y2Y connects and supports a network of organizations, agencies, and individuals doing on-the-ground conservation work in the region. Y2Y facilitates collaboration among those groups to advance an integrated conservation agenda for the entire region.

In 2008, Y2Y provided 13 grants totaling $38,000 to organizations in support of their conservation efforts within the Yellowstone to Yukon region.

In 1993, Harvey Locke, a lawyer and environmentalist, had an idea for a vast wildlife corridor encompassing the mountain ranges from Yellowstone National Park to the Yukon. Locke, along with other concerned individuals, wanted to link protected wildlife areas to each other so that wildlife species – especially wide ranging mammals like grizzly bears – could move safely between them.

Y2Y was officially established in 1997 by conservationists and scientists. Today, Y2Y has two offices located in Canmore, Alberta and Missoula, Montana.

One of the most significant challenges to conservation is the region’s vast scale. The Y2Y region traverses two countries, five American states, two Canadian provinces, two Canadian territories, the reservation or traditional lands of over 30 Native governments, and a number of government land agencies. In addition, there are social, economic, historical and cultural differences between the many human communities within or near to the region.

Other challenges for conservation in the region include human development, resource extraction, negative human-wildlife interactions, climate change, and transportation (roads and railways).

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Official Record

  • WDPA ID2131
  • NameYellowstone
  • Original NameYellowstone
  • Country / TerritoryUSA
  • Sub locationUS-WY
  • IUCN CategoryNot ApplicableWhat is this?
  • English DesignationUNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserve
  • Designation TypeInternational
  • StatusDesignated
  • Status Year1976
  • Reported Area km28983.49
  • Marinefalse
  • Governance TypeNot Reported
  • International CriteriaNot Reported
  • Management AuthorityNot Reported
  • Management Plan URLNot Reported




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US Geological Survey, USA (1990)

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  • Iucn_red_white_small Logogbif

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