W du Burkina Faso

1048 WDPA ID
3500.0 km² Reported Area

Type Terrestrial Protected Areas

Location Burkina Faso


  • Original Name Parc National du W du Burkina Faso
  • English Designation National Park
  • IUCN Management Category II
  • Status Designated
  • Type of Designation National
  • Status Year 1954
  • Sublocation BF-08
  • Governance Type Not Reported
  • Management Authority Office National des Aires Protégées (OFINAP)
  • Management Plan Management plan is implemented and is available
  • International Criteria Not Applicable

Management Effectiveness Evaluations

  • IMET 2016


Sources (1)

  1. Protected Areas of Burkina Faso Updated: 2021 Ministère de l’environnement de l’économie verte et du changement climatique

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UNEP-WCMC (2022). Protected Area Profile for W du Burkina Faso from the World Database of Protected Areas, May 2022. Available at: www.protectedplanet.net