WDPA monthly updates

Through collaboration with national and regional agencies, regional and international secretariats, NGOs and other partners the WDPA is updated monthly. The differences between monthly versions can vary significantly therefore it is essential when working with the WDPA to ensure you use the most up to date version and to crucially reference the version you have used in any analysis performed.

The links on this page will give you an overview of the changes and updates made to the WDPA each month, please refer to them when using the WDPA and comparing previous versions of the WDPA.The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) is the most comprehensive global database of marine and terrestrial protected areas and is one of the key global biodiversity data set being widely used by scientists, businesses, governments, International secretariats and others to inform planning, policy development and management.

See here for an overview of the frequency of update of the WDPA