April 2018 update of the WDPA

The total number of protected area records in the April 2018 release of the WDPA is 236,248 comprising of 217,835 polygons and 18,413 point, covering 245 countries and territories.

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Guyana: Partial update, Guyana's protected area network has been validated by our data providers, confirming that the country's protected area dataset is correctly represented in the WDPA.

Somalia: Partial update, resulting in the inclusion of protected area records for Somalia in the WDPA - a first for this country. UNEP-WCMC has been working with biodiversity experts from the Somali Wildlife and Natural History Society to re-establish the country's national parks and wildlife reserves in the WDPA. This is a major achievement and will help the country demonstrate progress towards Aichi Biodiversity Target 11. UNEP-WCMC will continue to work with Somalia to provide technical capacity and to improve the quality of their protected areas datasets.

Ramsar Sites, Wetlands of International Importance: Updated Rasmar sites for Japan and Slovenia where point datasets have been repalced with polygon datasets. This update is part of a series of updates on Ramsar data within the WDPA, resulting from enhanced data flows between UNEP-WCMC, the Ramsar Secretariat and member states.

UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserves: Partial update, following an effort to improve the quality of data for UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserves (MAB) in the WDPA. This has resulted in the removal of 10 outdated point records and one outdated polygon record. These records were either removed by the UNESCO MAB Secretariat, included within a larger site, or are not reported by the Secretariat.


Update type



Point converted to polygon







Japan Partial 0


Slovenia Partial 0

0 0
Partial 0
0 0
0 0 0
Partial 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserves Partial 0 1
0 0 10
0 0

Added:New feature added in the WDPA (ie. a new WDPAID was created)

Removed : Number of feature removed from the WDPA (ie. a WDPAID was removed from the database)

Updated : Modifications/updates of the geometry or some attributes of existing feature in the WDPA (ie. a feature with an existing WDPAID.

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Map of Protected Areas based upon monthly update

Source: UNEP-WCMC and IUCN (2018), Protected Planet: The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) [On-line], April 2018, Cambridge, UK: UNEP-WCMC and IUCN. Available at: www.protectedplanet.net.

Citation: UNEP-WCMC (2018). Protected areas map of the world, April 2018 Available at: www.protectedplanet.net

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WDPA Manual

WDPA User Manual: We are pleased to announce that the WDPA User Manual has been translated into French, Spanish and Russian. Additionally, the Manual has been updated with an appendix on WDPA Data Contributor Agreements (Appendix 2), and has undergone general updates and edits based on user feedback. Version 1.5 of the User Manual is now available in three languages through the geodatabase download above and via the following links:

English: http://wcmc.io/WDPA_Manual

French: http://wcmc.io/WDPA_Manual_FR

Spanish: http://wcmc.io/WDPA_Manual_ES

Russian: http://wcmc.io/WDPA_Manual_RU

Summary of current data in preparation:

The data set status is defined as either:
1) New data set received, 2) Under review by UNEP-WCMC, 3) Under validation by data provider or 4) Final approval stages.

Argentina: Under review by UNEP-WCMC

Brazil: Under validation by data provider

Bolivia, Plurinational State of: Under validation by data provider

China: Final Approval Stages

Colombia: Final approval stages

Dominican Republic: Under review by UNEP-WCMC

Ecuador: Final approval stages

Falkands Islands (Malvinas): Under validation by data provider

Guatemala: Final approval stages

Honduras: Under review by UNEP-WCMC

Libya: New dataset received

Lithuania: New dataset received

Malaysia: New dataset received

Mexico: Under review by UNEP-WCMC

Mozambique: Under validation by data provider

Nigeria: Under validation by data provider

Paraguay: Final approval stages

Peru: New dataset received

Seychelles: Under validation by data provider

Sri Lanka: New dataset received