August 2019 update of the WDPA

The total number of protected area records in the August 2019 release of the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) is 242,946 comprising 222,210 polygons and 20,736 points, covering 245 countries and territories.

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Argentina – Partial update, resulting in the addition of nine polygon records, the removal of three polygon records, and updates to a further 70 polygon and one point records. New polygon records include two marine sites both designated in 2018 ('Namuncurà - Banco Burdwood II' and 'Yaganes') which cover a combined area of over 170,000km².

Natura 2000 network – Complete update to 'Site of Community Importance (Habitats Directive)' and 'Special Protection Area (Birds Directive)' records across 28 countries (see table below), resulting in a net increase of 114 polygon records and updates to a further 29,709 polygon records. The Natura 2000network of protected sites is designated under the European Habitats and Birds Directives, and the data are made available by the European Environment Agency.

Saint Kitts and Nevis – Complete update of national-level protected area records in Saint Kitts and Nevis, resulting in the addition of three polygon records, the removal of 14 point records, and the conversion of six point records to polygon records. The nine new polygon records include one protected area designated as a 'Marine Reserve' which covers over 400km², and eight records with designations of 'National Park' or 'Other Area' covering a combined area of 56km². This update represents a complete transition from point records to polygon records for Saint Kitts and Nevis in both the terrestrial and marine realms.

UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserves Partial update resulting in the conversion of a point record for 'St Marys' in Saint Kitts and Nevis to a polygon record


Update type



Point converted to polygon










Natura 2000 networkPartial122829,709
Saint Kitts and NevisComplete30001400
UNESCO MAB ReservesPartial0000001

Added: New feature added in the WDPA (i.e. a new WDPAID was created)

Removed: Number of feature removed from the WDPA (i.e. a WDPAID was removed from the database)

Updated: Modifications/updates of the geometry or some attributes of existing feature in the WDPA (i.e. a feature with an existing WDPAID).

Map of Protected Areas based on monthly update

Global Pa Map Aug2019 Public

Citation: UNEP-WCMC (2019). Protected areas map of the world, August 2019 Available at:

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Summary of current data in preparation:The data set status is defined as either:

1) New data set received, 2) Under review by UNEP-WCMC, 3) Under validation by data provider or 4) Final approval stages.

Azerbaijan: New Dataset Received

Colombia: New Dataset Received

Democratic Republic of the Congo: New Dataset Received

Dominica:Under Review by UNEP-WCMC

EEA Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA): Under review by UNEP-WCMC

Falkands Islands (Malvinas): Under Validation by Data Provider

Guyana: Under Review by UNEP-WCMC

Honduras: Under Review by UNEP-WCMC

India: New Dataset Received

Indonesia: New Dataset Received

Ireland: New Dataset Received

Kenya: Under Review by UNEP-WCMC

Korea (Republic of): Under Review by UNEP-WCMC

Mexico: New Dataset Received

Niue: New Dataset Received

Palau: Under Review by UNEP-WCMC

South Africa: New Dataset Received

Sudan: New Dataset Received

Suriname: Under Review by UNEP-WCMC

Tanzania: New Dataset Received

Tonga: Under review by UNEP-WCMC

Tuvalu: Under review by UNEP-WCMC

Uganda: New Dataset Received

Vietnam: Under review by UNEP-WCMC

Zambia: Under validation by data provider