MPA Guide

Momentum to protect the global ocean and to use Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as a conservation tool is greater than it has ever been. But realizing the potential will require a common, shared language to understand, track and celebrate achievements and provide clarity about our collective, science-based goals.

The MPA Guide refines existing language and captures a shared vision to describe MPAs and the conservation outcomes they provide. It is the work of hundreds of stakeholders from around the world. It is a timely and important tool to help drive more and better ocean protection and reflects a collective ambition to find unity in language and consistency in approach.

Download the MPA Guide here:






Check out The Graphic Guide to MPAs, a comic-style booklet about why it is so important to specify the level of protection of an MPA and its stage of establishment. Both are essential to understanding the outcomes that will be achieved with an MPA. Read here!

You can also download a high resolution version of The Graphic Guide to MPAs here

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