Protected areas vulnerability to climate change

Within the framework of the PARCC (Protected Areas Resilient to Climate change) project in West Africa, the vulnerability to climate change of PAs has been assessed for each West African PA. All the results can now be accessed on the Protected Planet website by clicking on the Vulnerability Assessment link on the Official Record page for the PA. The PARCC page provides for each PA both the number and list of species (of mammals, birds, and mammals) vulnerable to climate change, according to Traits-based Vulnerability Assessments, and the expected species turnover rate within the PA along with the list of species expected either gain or lose in climate suitability, according to species distribution models.

For more information on the PARCC project, you are encouraged to visit the PARCC Protected Planet pages at, and download the PARCC report below (available in English and French) which summarises the main results and achievements of the PARCC West Africa project.

Download the PARCC report in English

Download the PARCC report in French