United Nations List of Protected Areas

United Nations List of Protected Areas 2018

The United Nations List of Protected Areas (UN List) is a compilation of all designated protected areas in the world. First mandated by the United Nations over sixty years ago, the UN List has documented the continuous expansion of the global protected area network over time, an expansion that reflects a growing political commitment across the world's nations to conserve the Earth's natural habitats and biodiversity.

The 2018 edition of the United Nations List of Protected Areas shows that the protected area estate has continued to expand since 2014, both on land and in the marine environment. In fact, the area protected in the marine environment has nearly doubled since 2014. This is largely due to the designation of some very large marine protected areas in many regions.

The List also includes, for the first time, information on management effectiveness of the world's protected areas. Out of 230,000 protected areas currently documented in the World Database on Protected Areas, information on management effectiveness is available for just under 1% of them.

While we now have a good understanding of where protected areas are located, considerable efforts are still required to better understand how effectively protected areas are managed and to determine how effective protected area management translates into the delivery of positive outcomes for nature and people.

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