Protected Areas Designated under Regional Conventions

Natura 2000 sites

Natural 2000 is a European (EU 28) ecological network of terrestrial, coastal and marine protected areas aiming to protect the most valuable and threatened habitats and species across Europe. The Natura 2000 network is underpinned by two European Directives: the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive which are collectively known as the Nature Directives. Under the Habitats Directive, Member States propose sites as Sites of Community Importance (SCI). Once the SCIs are accepted by the Commission, Member States must then designate them as legally protected Special Areas of Conservation (SACs). Under the Birds Directive, however, Member States can directly designate Special Protection Areas (SPAs) under their jurisdiction without having to be approved by the Commission. Collectively the sites designated under both Directives make up the Natura 2000 network.

For more information visit the Natura 2000 page on the Biodiversity A to Z or visit the Natura 2000 page of the European Commission.

Natura 2000 in the WDPA

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Black Head-Poulsallagh Complex SAC ©B. MacSharry

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