3201 Total Protected Areas
351 With management effectiveness evaluations
Terrestrial Protected Areas
Marine Protected Areas
Other effective area-based conservation measures
0 Total Other effective area-based conservation measures
Polygons/Points ratio
Polygons 80%
Points 20%

Terrestrial Protected Areas Coverage

30.28% Coverage

2,582,478km2 Land Area Protected

8,529,399km2 Total Land Area

16% 5th National Report Coverage


11.2% With management effectiveness evaluations

955,287km2 Areas Assessed

Marine Protected Areas Coverage

26.82% Coverage

985,042km2 Marine and Coastal Area Protected

3,672,584km2 Marine Area Protected

2% 5th National Report Coverage


0.54% With management effectiveness evaluations

19,837km2 Areas Assessed

Disclaimer: These statistics might differ from those reported officially by countries due to difference in methodologies and datasets used to assess protected area coverage and differences in the base maps used to measure terrestrial and marine area of a country or territory.

IUCN Management Categories

Governance types

Sources (9)

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National designations

  • Biological Reserve 66
  • Park 474
  • Natural Monument 62
  • Wildlife Refuge 76
  • Ecological Station 96
  • Environmental Protection Area 372
  • Area of Relevant Ecological Interest 59
  • Indigenous Area 708
  • Forest 108
  • Natural Heritage Private Reserve 989
  • Sustainable Development Reserve 39
  • Extractive Reserve 95
  • Indigenous Reserve 19

Regional designations


International designations

  • UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserve 6
  • Ramsar Site, Wetland of International Importance 25
  • World Heritage Site (natural or mixed) 7

Growth in protected area coverage

The graph excludes status years with no information reported (STAT_YR = 0).

Brazil Protected Areas

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UNEP-WCMC (2020). Protected Area Profile for Brazil from the World Database of Protected Areas, September 2020. Available at: