01 January 19

Data contributor agreements

The data contributor agreements for the WDPA can be found in this section and can be downloaded in English, French and Spanish.

Data contributors providing data for inclusion in the WDPA are requested to sign a WDPA data contributor agreement. This ensures that there is a written record for the data provider agreeing for their intellectual property (IP) to be included in the WDPA and the terms for which it is made available.

The agreement states how the data provided with be used and that redistribution and use of the data by third parties will be subject to the WDPA terms of use.

  • The data contributor agreement (in english) can be downloaded here for governmental sources and here for non-governmental sources.
  • L'accord de partage des données (en francais) peut etre téléchargé ici pour les sources gouvernementales and ici pour les sources non-gouvernementales.
  • El acuerdo de contribucion (en espanol) se puede descargar aqui para fuentes gubernamentales y aqui para fuentes no gubernamentales.


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