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WDPA monthly updates

Through collaboration with national and regional agencies, regional and international secretariats, NGOs and other partners the WDPA is updated monthly. The differences between monthly versions can vary significantly therefore it is essential wh...

  • 2016-08-16
  • White paper

Calculating protected area coverage

When calculating protected area coverage at any scale there are four questions that will have a major influence in the final results:

  • 2016-10-07
  • White paper

Frequency of update of the WDPA

To enquire about updating data in the WDPA please contact [email protected]

  • 2016-04-25
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Application Programming Interface (API)

In order to ensure easy access to the WDPA, UNEP-WCMC has created an WDPA application programming interface (API), the Protected Planet API is the official way of accessing the WDPA for use in websites.

  • 2016-04-26
  • White paper

WDPA Identifers

The Word Database on Protected Areas uses two identifiers to record protected areas data. The first is the WDPA_ID which is the unique identifier of a protected area and the second is the WDPA_PID or Parcel Identifier which is the unique identi...

  • 2016-05-03
  • White paper

Protected Planet Reports

The Protected Planet Report series helps track international progress towards achieving global biodiversity targets- notably Aichi Biodiversity Target 11 and the Sustainable Development Goals as well as focusing on key aspects relating to prote...

  • 2016-08-16
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IUCN management categories

You can search for, and download, all sites based on IUCN Management Category using the links on this page. Once you you have selected one of the queries below please note that you can further refine your search, by country, by region, by de...

  • 2016-11-09
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