Protected Areas Management Effectiveness Methodologies

Several methodologies have been developed to evaluate the management effectiveness of protected areas. So far, the Global Study has assembled and analysed information from more than 40 different methodologies that have been applied in more than 100 countries. These methodologies are listed in the table below. For more information on each methodology, and to download the methodology itself, click on the Methodology name in the table. For information on where each methodology has been applied, go to the Management Effectiveness database.

Abbreviation Methodology name Organisation/Affiliation
RAPPAM Rapid Assessment and Prioritisation of Protected Area Management WWF
METT Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool World Bank/WWF Alliance
EOH Enhancing our Heritage UNESCO/IUCN/UNF
How is Your MPA Doing? How is Your MPA Doing? NOAA/ National Ocean Service/ IUCN WCPA Marine/ WWF
IMET Integrated Management Effectiveness Tool IUCN/JRC/BIOPAMA
AEMAPPS: MEE with Social Participation - Colombia Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia/ WWF Colombia
Brazil 1999 Degree of Implementation and the Vulnerability of Brazilian Federal Conservation Areas WWF Brazil with IBAMA
TNC CAP Conservation Action Planning TNC
Catalonia MEE Catalonia MEE Institucio Catalana d'Historia Natural
MARIPA-G Monitoring and Assessment with Relevant Indicators of Protected Areas of the Guianas (MARIPA-G) WWF Guianas
Belize MEE Belize National Report on Management Effectiveness Forest Department Belize
Ecuador MEE Ecuador MEE: Indicadores para el Monitoreo y Evaluacion del Manejo de la Areas Naturales Protegidas del Ecuador Ministry of Environment
Finland MEE Management Effectiveness Study - Finland Metsahallitus
Galapagos MEE Manual para la evaluacion de la Eficiencia de Manejo del Parque Nacional Galapagos. SPNG SPNG
MEE Indian MEE Indian IIPA/ Centre for equity studies
Tasmanian WHA Tasmanian World Heritage MEE Tasmanian PWS
MEMS Metodologia de Evaluacion de Efectividad de Manejo (MEMS) del SNAP de Bolivia SERNAP
Mesoamerica MPA Rapid Evaluation of Management Effectiveness in Marine Protected Areas in Mesoamerica MBRS/ PROARCA/ CAPAS
NSW SOP NSW State of Parks NSW DEC
Others Other reports: Brief summaries
Padovan 2002 Padovan 2002 IPEMA
Parks profiles Parks profiles Parkswatch
Qld Park Integrity Qld Park Integrity assessment Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
Scenery matrix Scenery matrix Forestry institute (IF-SP)
Mexico SIMEC Mexican System of Information, Monitoring and Evaluation for Conservation National Commission of Protected Areas of Mexico (CONANP)
PIP Site consolidation TNC Parks in Peril Site Consolidation Scorecard TNC/ USAID
Valdiviana Valdiviana Ecoregion Argentina WWF
Venezuela Vision Venezuela Vision DGSPN - INPARQUES
Victorian SOP Victorian State of Parks Parks Victoria
WWF/ CATIE WWF/ CATIE Evaluation Methodology WWF/ CATIE
Marine tracking tool WWF - World Bank MPA score card WWF - World Bank
PAN Parks PAN Parks PAN Parks Foundation
MEVAP Monitoring and Evaluation of Protected Areas C.U.R.S.A (University Consortium for Socioeconomic and Environmental Research)
West Indian Ocean MPA West Indian Ocean Workbook West Indian Ocean Marine Science Association
Egyptian Site-level Assessment Management Effectiveness Evaluations of Egypt National Parks Nature Conservation Sector (NCS), Egyptian Environmental Affairs
Africa rainforest study Africa rainforest study Academic/ WCS
Alder Marine Protected Area Evaluation Model (Alder)
Central African Republic Central African Republic Academic/ WWF
CI METT Conservation International Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool Conservation International
Fraser Island WHA Fraser Island Word Heritage Area Hockings
Korea METT Korea survey on protected area management status Korea Parks Service
MEE - Congo MEE - Congo
PA Consolidation index PA Consolidation index Conservation International
Qld Rapid Assessment Qld Rapid Assessment Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
USA SOP US State of Parks NPCA
WARPO WARPO WWF West Africa Regional Program Office
Wetland tracking tool Wetland tracking tool WWF
WWF Italy system WWF Italy system WWF Italy
MPAME Indonesia Improving Marine Protected Area Management Effectiveness in Indonesia TNC Indonesia Marine Program

MTRA Modified Threat Reduction Assessments Academic
PAME Headline Indicators PAME Headline Indicators Academic
BREMi Framework Biosphere Reserve Evaluation of Management indicators Academic